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Why do some popular apps take so long to come out on the ipad?

Google+, Spotify, Tumblr two of these are iPhone apps but not iPad the other has only recently turned up why is is this?

I was under the impression the tools for creating IOS apps were the same for both the iPad and the iPhone however 3 years in we are still without some apps still on the iPad.

Two very noticeable entries in this category are as i mentioned Google+ and Tumblr which rather than just not being representing the IOS platform are available in quite stunning style on the iPhone and yes can x2 the apps however neither have a native application for the larger screened iPad.

One app which did recently cross the divide and did so very well is Spotify a great example of using that extra space well and providing a wonderful tablet experience.

We all hope that where Spotify lead the likes of Google and tumblr will follow because it’s obvious when you use some of the native apps on the iPad like Twitter, Fera, Snapseed that the extra space provided on this screen is more than useful and something which can be worked with..

I’m a bit confused at to the reasoning behind this choice it’s not like there haven’t been a few million units sold for these tablets and i’m sure there are endless numbers of those millions who will down load the app. I’m not sure if this is a lack of developers at these companies however you’d think if there was an iPhone app that couldn’t be the case.

Thankfully when it comes to iPad community when the native application is not available others will prevail, i’ve already mentioned Fera an app which is doing for Facebook what Facebook can’t and there are many Tumble Clones. However iShare+ is a great example of a Google+ app which won’t be loosing many users should Google get a Google+ App out.  It’s a great example of what can be done by a 3rd party developer.

Maybe this is the reason these apps just don’t come out in native style? too much 3rd party competition.. Not everyone is like Twitter and buys the competition.. Maybe they should.

It’s a shame some of these apps are just not on the iPad yet, but we do thank the community for creating excellent alternatives.

What apps are you waiting for on the iPad that have on Android or iPhone already?


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