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5 things I like about Linux

I’ve been given a lot of flack over the last few days because i dared to suggest that the Linux Desktop has had its day.. Well I do actually like the OS, and use it daily.. Here’s why..

The Command Line

Yes I love the command line, it’s amazing you can do almost anything with it once you have tamed the beast. sure learning pipes, grep, redirects, bash, scripts its all a tough climb however once you grasp the power of the command line anything is possible. Even a non programmer like me can guild scripted applications getting lots of data from the command line to MySQL databases..


Love it or hate it you have to give Ubuntu credit where credit is due, the time was right for an alternative to KDE/Gnome strangle hold and yes its taken a while to get there yet in a shorter timespan than the KDE 4 system Canonical have managed to turn out a pretty decent GUI. Far better IMHO than KDE which looks like a dogs dinner and better palced to combat the mobile and TV market than Gnome will ever be.

Other Distros are scrambling around with MATE and Cinnamon trying to relive the glory days of the past. Canonical took the bull by the horns and got on with doing what they want to do.

Hardware Support

No i’m not joking, these days there is very little i can’t plug into my Ubuntu box and it doesn’t get working without the need to download a driver for. Linux hasn’t alwyas been like this. It grew up.

I still find it amazing that i can plug in the HP Laserjet PCL Printer at work to the USB and 2 minutes later i can print, but the Windows 7 desktop needs a 56Mb download and loads of junkware installed to print.. Same with the scanner and camera..


Don’t like Windows, get a mac, don’t like Ubuntu get Linux Mint, Redhat, CentOS, Suse, Fedora, Sabayon, Gentoo, Slackware.. need a Webserver lightHTTPd, Apache, XMAPP its all about the choice from your IM client to the Wordprocessor from your command line to how you format the hard disk.. Choice..

It feels like sticking it to the man..

No Mr Windows OS, i don’t accept your licence, in fact i’m just going to shut you down and pop in a USB stick with a Linux Distro.. Yes MR PC Maker i could have had this device £70 cheaper.. but you forced me to pay the Redmond tax…


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