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Finally.. Google+ for the iPad.. Thank you


Google yesterday finally launched the Google+ iPad app and of the three recent recent software releases have they done better than Google Drive and Google Chrome?

In a nutshell yes and in launching this app have taken a huge step for me in helping me migrate 100% to the iPad. How?

The first screen which you’re shown when launching the app is the Instant Upload screen, do you want to use this over wifi or 3G? This on its own is a huge step forward because essentially if you are a Google user you get you photos on the iPad automatically uploaded (think backed up) to google+ / picasaweb.

All google now need to do is have the location these photos are stored be visible in google drive, it is a storage platform is it not? And stop resizing the larger uploads. I believe that is another post..

Back to the app..

The layout is a left to right very media orientated left to right sliding panel system which is very smooth and updates and you can see very visually the G+ content.

Touching a story opens it up and text content is visible via a vertical scrolling window. The whole interface stupid as it might sound is very touch based with big areas to put your fingers, very nice..

It’s early usage days however from first use I’m very impressed


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