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If Google Drive is Google Storage then make it so

Googles entry into the world of consumer online storage with Google Drive has been an interesting software release however it’s showing some fragmentation in the world of Google.

With the move of Google Docs to Drive google are committing to their online storage system, as they are with G+ which they have recently described as Google. However two of Googles big hitters seem to have a problem with each other.

You would assume with a google drive account everything you save up to google would be available within your drive, this however doesn’t seem to be the case. While it is possible to put photos from Google Drive up onto G+ the instant upload feature of G+ doesn’t reciprocate. Photos uploading are available in Picasaweb but not in the Drive app.

I would suggest this needs to be rectified pretty quickly otherwise you could end up with files all over the place. There is no reason if tagged properly by google the files would need to take any of your google drive space so could still be “free” uploads.

While they are at it maybe they could stop downsizing those larger photos? Just saying..

Google are on the verge of cracking one of the bigger issues with tablets which have smaller storage are are more likely to be lost, instant upload is a feature all of its own however linked with G+ gets my photos off my device and backed up without needing to think about it, however unlike iCloud I could get access to these files in a traditional file system as well for use elsewhere..

Great start and a possible simple fix… Make it so.


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