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5 Thing’s I hate about Linux..

Following up on yesterdays 5 Things I like about linux post, are 5 things i hate about linux. got to keep the ying and yang..

The Arguments

What is it with Linux that brings out the argumentative within the users, if its a change to the Kernel, Addition of non Open source drivers, if KDE, Gnome 3 or Unity is best, right down to the future of the OS. Hit any subject on a forum or chat room and there will be someone with the inability to articulate an opposing view and result to trolling..

The Command Line

I love it, but i hate it too.. It’s so very powerful yet so very unforgiving, the wrong switch the wrong case and it’s back to the script to debug it. Grrr..

The Oldies and the Noobs..

Being a new Linux user is a really hard its a steep learning curve especially during the period which needs the most work the “but it’s easy on Windows stage” so getting infromation is important. That means forums questions and not quite finding what you need and told to read the man files.

The Oldies are looking for specialist assistance and keep finding half finshed posts by annoying noobs who state lines like “I figured it out..” and no more, no how, where, when.. So annoying.

The Forums

Trying to get information on a forum is possibly the most degrading experience any linux user can have, there are a few good ones well run however for every good forum there are plenty of hideous ones. If you don’t know where you are going and are just looking for help, poor indexing sets you on a path of self assured destruction. Post, retort, andgry user troll, give up..

The Documentation

Yes its much better, however once you really start ripping the OS apart there is very little documentation at a low level. Linux is written by engineers and they just do stuff and if you are good enough you too should know twhat they have done. The archaic MAN system is lauded as the place to look for issues, go on look at the squid man page.. it’s reams long..


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