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The amazing advancement of Google+

It’s easy to get into a rut and start believing the hype, or lack of it a problem which may have happened to Google+ over the last year.. I think even Google started believing the negative press.

Google+ hasn’t picked up as quickly i belive as Google would have liked it to, and there are many reasons for this the main of which is probably quite simple, while Facebook is huge now it didn’t get there overnight, however once it got the lions share of users and went from Geek to Consumer social media site people get settled in. While the technically astute user may swap their Social media sites or use many the average user once bedded in takes a while if ever to pry off the site they are on now. Your 15 year old nephew will go where the cool kids are your grandparents however not so much.

There is however room for both Google+ and Facebook, if we consider the latter being the land line and the former being the mobile in this analogy you need the land line because thats what friends and family have the mobile however is getting to knwo where the cool kids are.

This also seems to be the case across the internet, because i believe Google+ is picking up steam and there are clues all over the internet proving this. The first is those share it buttons WordPress and other sites use

I’m seeing more and more +1 being used than the Facebook like button while this isn’t an indication that there are more G+ users what it does show is a usercase where people are sharing more on the service which is a great start.

G+ is also better on mobile acros all major platforms than Facebook when it comes to native apps Google have with no shade of doubt done themselves proud with these applications the recent iPad release is a work of Social art. Which i belive is also going to be a major step in getting users on the iPad to retry Google+

Google are betting the farm on Google+ with a recent statement by the founders being along the lines of Google is Google+, Google+ is Google. 

I think getting G+ linked into Google Drive, opening Instant upload so it doesn’t reduce the size of images and somehow link G+ to Google reader better so starred.fav stories are automatically plused 

There is a pickup on Google+ and i hope it carries on, the people on there already are great and more variation can only make it better



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