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Installing Cygwin on a PC without Internet Connection

Came across this today, its a rather useful tool is you need to install Cygwin on a PC without an internet connection, however you will need an internet connection to do the first part.

  • Get the Cygwin install program (“setup.exe”). Direct download URL.
  • When the setup asks “Choose a download source”, choose Download Without Installing
  • Go through the rest of the setup (choose download directory, mirrors, software packages you want, etc)
  • Now you have a Cygwin repository right there on your hard disk. Copy this directory, along with the “setup.exe” program, over to your target computer (it does not need to be on a network).
  • On the target computer, run “setup.exe”
  • When the setup asks “Choose a download source”, choose Install From Local Directory
  • Complete setup as usual. No Internet access is required.

I also found this..


1. Download all Cygwin sites from the nearest mirror site.

* I live in the Philippines and the nearest cygwin mirror site is

Basically you can use old IE to browse the ftp site and open it in Windows explorer and download, but with literally hundreds of files in there that procedure will take ages.

You can use an FTP client like FileZilla if you like.

Personally I prefer GNU wget (I don’t like GUI apps that much).

If you already have an existing Cygwin installation then you can just use the wget installed there (you did install wget didn’t you?). If you don’t have that luxury, you can download the Windows port to wget here.

Then just open up Cygwin console (or Windows command prompt) and do:

wget -r

Take note that the target url is the release directory. There are other directories in there (like release-legacy/) and you don’t really want that.

It’s more than 6GB so be ready. You can choose to ignore Gnome, KDE and even X.Org if you’re not really running X so the download would be much smaller. I’ll leave it up to you on how to ignore certain folders using wget.

2. Download the setup.ini file from the mirror site and setup.exefile from the Cygwin homepage and save them on the same location.

3. Run setup.exe and choose “Install from Local Directory”.

4. Choose where you want to install Cygwin in.

5. Choose the folder where you downloaded all the Cygwin files earlier. It will then read setup.ini file and list the packages.

6. Choose your packages and install.

That’s it.

In another post I’ll get you up speed on how to update this package list so you don’t have to download everything again in case a new version comes up — only the newer packages should be downloaded.


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