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iPad app: Recce – London


There are plenty of apps on the iPad which provide you with maps of how to get around London, there are plenty which let you know where to eat, drink or sleep. I bet however none of them look as cute as this one.

While functioning as a fairly accurate zone 1 and 2 map, which are underground zones, the app is clearly influenced by sim city with cars whizzing around the roads, the London eye turning, boats up and down the Thames and air craft leaving and arriving London city airport. And while the app doesn’t claim, these are accurate traffic representations they do add a little something


The search facility and information around the areas of London I work are decent and up to date and for planning a trip for the day is a nice presentation of a map which might help the kids get involved


The usual search suspects are available as you might expect on such an app and you can ad pins to find things of interest later. It’s also worth mentioning this works offline as well so you don’t need an internet connection while out and about.

How apps should be, informative and fun..



3 comments on “iPad app: Recce – London

  1. Bart Denny (@bartdenny)
    July 17, 2012

    Thanks for a nice post on our app, glad you like it!

  2. André van Haren
    July 24, 2012

    Will this be something like Apple’s upcoming Maps app?

    • projectzme
      July 24, 2012

      No, that will be (is) a whole new level of mapping, this is just a bit of fun, think Sim City cartoon ish, what I have used of apples map app is mind blowing.. And will only get better, it takes google maps to a new level..

      However this app, it’s fun..

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