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Funded imagination


Love or hate Apple there are a few truths you can’t hide from, they create beautiful looking hardware, while they may not create new markets they do build on floundering ideas focus them and turn them into buckets of cash and they do have a lot of money in the bank.

That lead me to thinking, they must spend a lot on research and development, and as such I was trying to imagine what the Apple r&d facility must look like especially the stuff they are looking to roll out in 5 to 10 years time. Just how far ahead of the game are they?

Apple TV, iPad 7, mountain lion are all touted as this years big releases each one revolutionary in it’s own way potentially however they are the end product of years work. When apple released the iPhone a brand new product you’ve got to believe they had that on the boil for a. Fair few years..

So what magic lies within those labs right now? What was born this month that will have the iPhone effect in 5 years time?



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