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Are Microsoft missing the obvious?

Today I installed windows 8 consumer preview on a tablet, and u guessed right the name gives I believe it away because I had issues..


Microsoft are not aiming windows 8 at the enterprise market, CEOs of the world listen up, the “get this working on the company network” days are gone and it’s not your it departments fault its Microsoft’s.. This release of windows is aimed 100% at the home user.

What makes me say this, simple add a proxy a common item in the enterprise so anything other than ie uses it..

Simple? Not quite unless google and I are missing something it seems just setting the proxy in I.e options is no longer enough..

While to the consumer user of win8 this might not seem too much of an issue, the lack of enterprise management tools on the desktop make this seem yet again to be that version of the OS which companies need to miss no matter how pretty the idea of a touch tablet is. Which is a shame as from a hardware makers point of view while you and your mates are great guys the big numbers are in the less price sensitive enterprise arena. Yes there is a recession on however more expensive solutions which just work cost less than having a team of it engineers battling against the company with the product and the biggest marketing budget.

Your CEO might want to play with the windows 8 however we all know it’s not ending well, a keyboard, mouse, printer, solid wifi are also not helping the fact you are not completing the board report on one and if you can’t achieve that with the device what is the point? If you have got put the toy down to do work, you are doing the wrong thing..

Oh and as a side note.. Office on a tablet, even the latest one, Microsoft who are you kidding? What the f##k are you kidding me.. We spaced the icons on the ribbon bar.. Have 20 years not taught you a thing. The ribbon is a mouse interface not a touch one..

If you are going to get into the tablet arena, your company name is not enough, you have produced a terrible hybrid os, I keep seeing a normal windows desktop under the metro theme, who signed that off, do you not get it? Are you thick? Let me spell it out.. Windows does not work on a tablet, theme it all you want, metro is just an addon.. A theme, a fudge.. Grow up, grow a pair and commit..

Well there you have it the Windows Vista of the tablet world, the OS that time will forget..


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