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What the heck? Windows 8 Apps won’t work on a netbook..

Ok, Asus Netbook, Atom Processor, 1024 x 600 screen and I installed Windows 8 Consumer preview onto the device, the reason was simply i was interested how the Metro interface is on a laptop.

All went well with the install, no issues and as usual with Windows 8 it’s really quick. Attached to the Internet via Wifi all good, then Click on the Music App.

A message comes up telling me the screen resolution isn’t good enough to launch the Metro App and I was offered the opportunity to change the resolution and 1024 x 600 was the best the netbook offered even with Drivers there was no more space to be eek’ed out of this device.

It’s unfair to judge an OS on a preview version, i’d have to think however that as per my last post it shows just where Microsoft are going with this device, the idea seem to be forward not back. It feels that Microsoft are betting the farm on Tablets, Metro is all but useless on a point and click interface however going 100% Metro isn’t something even Microsoft can pull off in a single release.

I whole heartedly believe this is a Vista release and Windows 9 will be the one you want to really look at, this is the release which points the developers into the direction Microsoft are heading and those older PC’s and netbooks, well with a bit of luck they will all be propping up shelves.

Don’t get me wrong with what on the face of it must read like negative products they are based on actual real world usage of other interfaces on Tablets, and observations on an IT engineer these things create this opinion however I do believe Microsoft are doing the right thing more so with the Windows 8 RT version the ARM version.



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