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My Weekend with Android?

I have spent this weekend making use of an Android Tablet, i’ve put my iPad aside for the Weekend and gone 100% Android, using a 10″ screen, with and Android 4.0 ICS I wanted to find out what the diferences are. And there are huge differences in working and workflow.

As an IOS user I’m the first to admit that i came into this with my iPad experience setting an expectation level and while I wasn’t expecting much it was imperative i did this with open eyes.

The first thing which grabbed me about ICS and the Android tablet was the wealth of space on the interface, the stock out of the box build comes with very little installed on the “desktop” and the temptation is to fill it IOS style and put Widgets all over the place. However a word to the wise doing this will seriously slow the device down even if it is running off a Tegra T3 chip.

The first shocking thing was the lack of screen resolution, it was seriously noticeable the difference between the iPad screen and the Asus screen. The Asus also felt a bit laggy in comparison speed wise with apps opening and closing, with Chrome, Spotify, Settings and  a Facebook app open i started getting a lot of popups telling me that the the application wasn’t responding choosing to wait would usually result in about 2 seconds of non responsiveness. I’ve seen this on other tablets as well, however don’t see it so much on my phone a gen 1 Samsung Galaxy S.

The apps also seemed to feel not quite as finished is the best adjective i can use here. there seemed to be a bit of a cottage industry feel even to Skype and other big named Apps. It’s not something i can put my finger on, and even with the tablet specific apps there seems to be an abundance of space on the screen. Which makes the apps feel not so well thought out.

Having had a go on a 7″ Tablet last week I’m starting to think that Where IOS works well on the iPad, the Android OS is going to be huge on 7″ Tablets and this will be its cor domain. The 10″ screen seems to provide too much space whereas the 7″ screen being closer to Androids roots on Phones seems to provide a better experience. The Amazon Fire hit on this and the Google Nexus 7 will follow on hard. Ironically i think if Apple do a 7″ tablet this won’t work quite as well.

As an experience goes however Android on this Tablet wasn’t quite as bad as I might be putting across, the battery life was amazing and the ability to get the Launcher I want on the device without the need to root is huge. I’m impressed by some of the Apps i can’t get on the iPad, HDR Camera and even Google Currents is a better app. However the speed and locking up on the device were too much for me to deal with. I’d like to do the same thing with a 7″ tablet..

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