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Why the BBC should have done an iPad app


A few weeks ago the BBC released an Olympics iPhone app with some mild fanfare, however at the time there was no iPad app and the BBC were happy to point iPad users to their site.

Well sorry guys as good as your sports site is on OSX and desktop platforms it’s not so great on the iPad.. Why?

I’ve just been following up on teamGB and the cycle road race yesterday and got to this page.


so I can’t watch the content, I know why, it’s flash, however clicking on the content brings up an Apple web page telling me I need to update the software on my iPhone or iPad

So, in user mode I followed these instructions, and got this


Turns out I’m on the latest software, so either the BBC have developed the site for the beta of IOS6 or they have the wrong link.

Other videos do work, it should be said..

So yet again with the lack of effort put in to support the larger 30million + devices sold the UKs most popular tablet device another company has shown just how it doesn’t understand new media and technology..


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