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Why Ubuntu, not Ubuntu Linux will be the future of next Gen OS’s

Ubuntu Linke Android is based on a Linux Kernel, it has a Linux command line, it runs Linux applications however if Ubuntu is to become a serious third contender in the Operating space it needs to drop the word Linux.

And to be honest it pretty much has because while Ubuntu is a Linux distro, from a aMarketing stand point its about as Linux as OSX is BSD or that is how Canonical will need to come across if it is to move forward and be perceived as a proper Operating system and not just another Linux Distro.

There is no doubt that from a hardware standpoint the OS is well setup to play in the same ballpark as Windows and OSX and the choice to go Unity while not met well with the long term Ubuntu users was a brave move by the core developers because while Metro is a pleasant enough skin for Windows 8, Microsoft have had to take a huge gamble with redesigning the primary OS interface in order to break into the tablet market and provide it’s user base with a unified experience on Desktop, Tablet, Phone and Games Console and in doing so may alienate a lot of users, it’s safe to say Enterprise Windows users will probably not be migrating all over to Windows 8 in the short term. Windows 8 has been described as a Vista OS.

Even Apple have had to provide a different experience on Desktop and Mobile platforms even if OSX is slowly morphing into IOS each release.

Canonical have however done something very clever with Unity on Ubuntu, they have reeducated the desktop user at a point in time when the major alternatives Gnome and KDE were all working through facelifts. And provided with Unity a desktop which does actually work well with a mouse or a touch screen and even on the 10ft interface the TV.

This well thought out desktop while still having a hard time bringing over the old skool user base is it seems liked by some of the newer Ubuntu Users and I have to admit i’ve grown very fond of it.

So by dropping the Linux, providing a well thought out cross hardware platform desktop, great hardware support, and a very polite helpful community for support. If the team at Canonical can work with vendors like NVidia, ATI, Broadcom, Intel and Valve and improve their drivers which if i’m honest do work for 95% of users very well. They may start to see Ubuntu growing in popularity not just in the community but with OEM’s and hardware vendors.

However this might not go down with everyone in the Linux community, it’s not however like it’s not been on the cards for years now, Canonical are often criticised for the lack of upstream feedback and use of closed source drivers. They are a business, they need to generate revenue and they can do that just being Ubuntu and dropping the Linux.


3 comments on “Why Ubuntu, not Ubuntu Linux will be the future of next Gen OS’s

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  2. Willynux
    December 22, 2012

    I understand your point and probably canonical is already trying to do this but to alienate Ubuntu from Linux or vice versa, well I think it’s a bad idea

    • projectzme
      December 22, 2012

      The only thing stopping
      Linux being a top class more widely adopted os, is the Linux community. No self respecting commercial entity is going to touch any distro who is involved in the trolling, bickering or general level of support provided. Just as Apple forked BSD, for any Linux distro to commercially survive, you need to fork, develop and patch, provide quality customer service, have a clear vision and if necessary make hard decisions.

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