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I’m looking for a 3G Phone device.. Seriously is it that hard?

So let me explain what i’m looking for..

I’m looking to not own a Mobile phone, well not in the traditional sense. What i’m looking for is however a soartphone sized device  which offers Android or even IOS. I ‘d like that device to have apps, specifically Skype. About a 4″ screen, decent processor. And so far i’ve pretty much described almost either an iPod Touch or a Samsung Galaxy Player however both these devices are missing an essential component.

3g is what is missing here. I’d like a 3G device with the above description, not on a traditional phone voice style contract, on only 3G because i’m going to use Skype as my phone. I can use that on my PC, Mac, iPad, Android Tablet and this small device could i find it, and the 3G offers me always on Internet.

With the device offering internet not only is is using Skype as my phone an option Android phones and IOS devices have exceptionally good cameras and some great photography apps and the ability to take great photos and upload them to the Internet on the go is another bonus for me.

I could use the iPad, witha bluetooth headset however I like the idea of a smaller phone like device when out and about..

So industry.. Any chance?



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