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Should Microsoft remodel itself as a Cloud Services Giant?

If you’ve installed Windows 8 onto a Tablet you’ll realise very quickly it’s not really a Tablet OS, not if you have had any exposure to Android, WebOS, Unity or IOS over the last few years. However if you install Windows 8 onto a PC you’ll realise very quickly it’s also not a desktop OS. Realistically Windows has produced at Best a Windows ME/Vista style OS at worset potentially the last Desktop OS Microsoft ever produce.

However this isn’t a finger pointing article, it’s a suggestion that With the worlds default Office Suite Microsoft Office making its transition from the dektop to the browser and the recent stroke of genius which was the migration of to maybe Microsoft’s late rather half hearted entry into the Tablet OS market is the last time it needs to push a desktop OS.

I’m sure Microsoft would like to have it’s foot in the Tablet market place however if it’s Metro, sorry Windows 8 Standard UI is the best it can come up with it’s going to find itself a bit player. Even with the corporate market while the CEO might see this as a flashy new device  today trust me when i tell you in about a week you’ll get the tablet back and a request for a new Ultrabook Running windows 7..

It’s not all doom and gloom in Redmond however because if there is something Microsoft seem to be mastering the art of and owning the market right now it’s the Cloud.

The cloud based office app is a wonderful framework, i’ve been using as part of CloudOn on my iPad and tethering Google Drive and Office 20whatever it is via the web is an example of what Microsoft seem to be doing well at the moment. This is truly highlighted by Outlook Web which comes with Exchange 2010. This is an example of  possibly the best Web App i’ve ever used. Specifically via the Office365 system. I only moved to Google Apps because of integration with other services.

I believe this is where the future lies with Microsoft, owning the Web, selling software as a Web Application.

I’d have to wager a bet that within 5 years Microsoft don’t so much pull out of the Desktop OS market as fade out with no fanfare, sure they will support Servers Windows 7/8 Maybe even a Windows 9 however if the market does go mobile either it needs to completely rethink it’s business model or call it a day for this product line. It’s got to cost a fortune to R&D this stuff.


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