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Apple vs Samsung do we really care?

If you’ve not read about the spat between Apple and Samsung then this post is probably for you, quite simply I have to ask the question do we really care who’s phone looks like who’s phone? Does it really matter?

Sure Apple made the iPhone, and sure there are a lot of phones which look like the iPhone however this isn’t the first time this has happened. Motorola invented the popular flip phone years ago and within weeks every manufacturer had a flip phone out as well. Good business sense dictates that you make what sells.

Apple today cited this as an example of just how Samsung have evolved into an iPhone copy.

Those pre iphone phones, they were a direct copy of the Palm Treo, and no one cared because imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

What we are really seeing here is not the protection of Apple’s IPR it’s an attempt to kill a market place. The phone has evolved to become less of a phone and more of a personal portable communications device. We as consumers are no longer choosing a phone on the form factor in the way we may have done when companies like Motorola and Nokia were the leaders of the pack. today we are choosing a phone based on infrastructure, app store, apps and other software based choices.

What Apple should be more concerned about is not did Apple steal their design ideas, but why is it yet again they 3 years after releasing the iPhone they have a design  which is potentially no longer relevant, the small 3″ screen and if the rumours are true the iPhone 5 will look just like the iPhone 4S. This in a time when Samsung are selling well with the larger screen phones..

Do we really care who stole what? No..


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