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Why i’ve stopped using

There is a time in a sites life when all is rosy for a startup like the last year has been amazing. Touted as the flickr of the new generation the site has taken the internet photography world by storm and so it should.

With a really active social element and eventually a half decent iPad app for viewing the content. There is no doubt that looking at the content on the site some great photographers have taken onto this location for displaying their wares.

However after the sunshine and sparkles wear off and the stories of the funding calm down you are left evaluating what you have. And while i’d never disagree this site is huge there are some very big gaping holes in its design and infrastructure.

As an iPad user the release of the iPad app for 500px was huge and updates for the retina display and bug fixes have never been slow in coming out yet nearly a year later the app doesn’t support uploading to the site. This is a HUGE omission by the app as uploads are essential or on the go photography. What is more concerning also is there is an alternative app which offers uploading and all the same features as the 500px app. Apparently uploading is coming it has been since release.

The site provides a Lightroom plugin as well another great free addon and again one which seems to be well supported, well that was right up till the release of Lightroom 4 a few months ago. While other Plugins for other systems are updated and fixed not the plugin which doesn’t work at all in LR4 Apparently this is coming, this is months after a LR4 release you’d have thought someone would have got a beta copy?

There is also a huge amount of lockin to the site, in this day and age when sites are being honest in getting the data off as well as on this doesn’t factor into you can’t download your photos once they are up on the site. Indeed this can’t be done with the LR4 plugin either as that doesn’t work. The only way i found to get the photos off the site was using the 500stackr app and saving each photo. This is an important feature for any photographer knowing they have control over their content.

There was the he said she said rather open argument with the supplier of the back end store software where both parties blamed the other for the failure of the service. OK there is a store online now, its not great however.

These are just a handful of issues ii’ve had with and while it is a huge ego boost to have other 500pxers to comment on photos the last few months are mainly new users trying to game the system.

In the early life of a site which has boomed in users over the last 18 months it’s easy to forget the reason why people come to your service and also realise that people can leave just as quick as they arrived. Just ask Flickr if you want to know just how fast pople will jump ship.

It’s for these reasons i’ve left today, the site still stays i just don’t feel the investment i\m being asked for for my awesome account has justified the things i need from the service. I’ll shut down on 12th August when the subscription ends.

On a final note, can I just say for all the issues I have here, I’ve had communications over the last year with the founder on Google+ and I do think the service will do well. It’s just not for me.

Where have i gone? That’s the next post..


3 comments on “Why i’ve stopped using

  1. Oliver Nielsen
    January 9, 2013

    I think iPad upload would open up to a maelstrom of crappy quality images?

    • projectzme
      January 9, 2013

      I would agree I’d another app didn’t already do it.. As it happens I missed the community and moved back

      • olivernielsen
        January 10, 2013

        I understand your point now. Glad you went back, I’ve just decided to sign up;-)

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