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Solid points made here. As an early tablet adopter on a real tablet OS. I’m very interested in these ideas.


The consumerization of IT is more than a buzz phrase: It’s a very real disruptive force affecting corporate IT and business management, employees and a company’s value chain of customers, suppliers and distributors.

Though the iPad created the consumer tablet market, GigOM Pro forecasts global tablet shipments — growing from 60 million to over 375 million in 2016 — will cross over to the point where over half will be used for business.

Business tablets may start as simple email and web browsers, but they will rapidly insert themselves into collaboration, file sharing and content creation. How can business best support these laptop replacements inside and outside of their corporate networks?

Hear the panel of experts discuss these topics:

  • How fast tablets will become adopted as enterprise devices and which applications will need support
  • How tablets will optimize getting work done via content and collaboration processes
  • How collaboration tools focused…

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