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The IT department do it again…

The IT departments of companies all over London have just been recovering from the post Olympic apocalyptic panic and wondering yet again what all the damned fuss was about.

The first time I remember this happening was Y2K where a coding bug was noted in software because the developers around the globe pretty much didn’t realise the rest of the world used calendars quite so much and set up software which would pretty much reset the calendar dates on 1-1-2000 of every computer in the world..

For years updates were rolled out to bios, operating system and application stacks on everything from mobiles to big infrastructure. Money was made by Y2k consultancy firms by the bucket load and come that fateful night many IT departments didn’t get to go out and have a drink they were waiting for the world to implode..

Nothing happened, no stray missiles, no mass Internet failure.. Squat..

So with that in mind we move forward 12 years and find in London a hysteria over the
Olympics and how it is going to cane the communications infrastructure. Mails go out to staff warning of possibly very slow broadband and 3G connectivity, upgrades, back up plans and new hardware is put in place.. Holidays are cancelled for IT staff, who are expected to brave the massed hordes of the potentially overcrowded by 400% London transport system to make sure operations run smoothly. Emails roll, there isn’t a slight echo on mobile phones and VPN connections connect.

The actual result was London has been a ghost town and it’s all worked fine..

There are two trains of thought on both these examples..

The first is it all worked well because of the effort IT has put in, it’s a bit like painting if you do the preparation, the sanding and all, putting the paint on the wall is easy

The second however could be construed as government manipulation. Both of these big press IT events happened under advice from UK government, which has a twinge of irony as the government IT systems and contractors are way behind the curve when it comes to technology.

Either way from the users point of view what we have again are no issues, not seeing the effort put in under the hood so to speak it just looks like yet again the IT department were crying wolf..


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