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So what have I learnt from the Olympics.

David Field: London Town &emdash; Olympics at the Station
As the Olympics come to a close I thought i’d share with you what I have learnt from the Olympics, some of it was amazing others not so much.

People in London can talk to each other

As a person who lives and works in London it’s noticeable how anonymous the city can be, people put on thier headphones on the transport and are very focused in their movement around the city. Trying to meet people and get involved in Pubs and Cafes is hard. The occasional nod, smile is about as good as it gets.

Over the last two weeks however there have been a group of people, the Olympics volunteers who have been helping people while they are moving around London. Generally speaking people have been a lot more chatty with the Olympics bringing groups together those who normally wouldn’t have the time fo day for each other.

Watching TV in a park is more fun that at home

The Olympics is a spectator sport, and most of the billions of viewers did so on the TV or over the Internet. However there is an area in Hyde Park which has a clutch of large TV’s in it. My wife and I were there last Sunday and I have to say one of the most amazing things i’ve seen in the UK happened. We are not an overly patriotic nation, in such the way maybe the USA is. However during Mo Farrals medal ceremony the whole crowd a couple of thousand people stood up and sang the national anthem. Puts a lump in the throat.

Chinese/Japanese seem to be fixated on their mobiles.

There is an amazing phenominum and OK it’s not just the Chinese and Japanese who do this they are just the most obvious. They just spend all their time staring at their mobile phones. Seriously up and down stairs, up and down the streets not looking where they are going, walking just slightly slower than the rest of the people all while staring at the mobile phone screen.

Only the British Queue

This is something we knew already, i’ve travelled quite a bit and standing in line waiting for something is a british trait, the rest of the world pushes through, raises its voice expects to be served, expects to be first, expects to ignore the rest of the world. Humbly insistant that they are the only important person in the area.

Going on Strike and causing disruption to the country gets you £500 bonus

What many visitors to London won’t realise is while they have been getting around on the Tube, Trains and Buses and admittedly running well. However London has had to put up with being held to ransom by Transport for London’s Union members. There have been strikes, disruptions and arguments which have lead to pay rises, more overtime payments and bonuses being handed out to some of the employee groups. All of which was based on the Olympic period being busy. Now OK it’s been a bit busy but no more than a usual week in London and the first week of the Games London was like a ghost town..

The downside of all this is Londoners will foot the bill, January next year when the train prices will go up, they will go up more than usual next year to cover these payments.

Paying for the Olympics for the next 30 years didn’t guarantee a ticket

The legacy of these games is a great feel good factor right now for the country, the long term legacy however is that Londoners will be paying for this for a long time to come. This irks many dwellers of the city especially when many have not been able to get seats and they see empty areas at different venues. We have been paying for this for years now.

All being said however the result of these Olympics is that is has put the Great back into Great Britain again, we feel like a nation that can do, and not the worried nation wondering just how we were going to screw up on the world stage. We now believe we can do and this needs to be nurtured and built on by the government and business in the country.

Well done to all the TEAMGB Medal Winners or not, your country is very proud of you all.. The Olympics is not about winning medals it is about sprit and doing your best.


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