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Spotify on the iPad is why you don’t need iTunes

Conventional wisdom dictates on IOS platform iTunes is the way forward, even after launching the pirates amnesty called iTunes Match I’m still not convinced. Sure it’s got all the top tracks, however why should I need in this day and age to buy music when we have the next generation of Internet radio available.

There are however alternatives to Apples offerings with Spotify being one of the more well known and at this point in its history it’s one of the most cross platform music libraries out there. For the cost of a single mainstream iTunes album (£10) each month you get access yo a huge library of streamed music. From which you can create play lists which appear on whatever platform you are using Spotify onIOS, Android or desktop. You can set the playlists to offline mode where the tracks will download to your device in a DRM file.

As well asa huge library of music you can also create playlists from the mp3 files in your own collection, which can also be synced to play offline and that’s not just from free standing MP3 files you might have that’s from within iTunes if you have already made the effort to import your music into Apples music player.

This sync can be done wirelessly and while you are on the same wireless LAN as a desktop spotify you can have access to both spotify and your own music library.

This is another area where ISP desperately need to start letting the user choose their default app as the recently released IPad app is a far more worthy music player than the iTunes app.

Having been using this for a few weeks and keeping a fairly dynamic playlist updated I’m loving the fact that playlist I’ve updated on one device updates and syncs on my iPad automatically and I love the music quality through my Bose headphones is crystal clear..

If iTunes isn’t your cup of tea and you use multiple platforms, the thought of being locked into iTunes match bothers you or you just want easier access to your music over the web.. Look no further than Spotify,


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