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So short sighted and wrong, netbooks never chipped into laptop sales the way tablets have and Microsoft isn’t going to kill the Tablet market the way it did with putting WinXP or Win 7 onto all those netbooks and then having people buy Laptops because netbooks were too slow. Microsoft have proven with Win8 they have no idea to make a tablet OS.. and the world now knows it.


Remember netbooks? Exactly. Two years ago netbooks could do no wrong. They were the future, a way to get work done on the go on a laptop the size of a paperback book. In the end, manufacturers saw them as a great way to squeeze profit out of a moribund product line.

Sadly, I fear that’s where we’re headed in the tablet market.

For a long time it was a few horse race. Motorola, Apple, and Samsung were pumping out top-of-the-line tablets and selling them at a premium, because that’s what the market could support. However, with the launch of the $199 Kindle Fire, and more recently the Nexus 7, the floodgates will soon open, driving down prices, quality, and value.

Here’s the pattern: a product group becomes popular. Major players make comparatively expensive products with good QA and designs. Early adopters gobble them up, then there’s a brief period…

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