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I’m now starting to wonder if anyone in the US military watches SciFi movies, have the prophecies not been foretold a thousand times..


Soft robots are made of silicone and use hydraulic controls to move across a surface or lift an object. Researchers at Harvard University have gotten these guys to walk around (albeit while tethered to a heavy control unit) and now they’ve gotten them to change color.

The robots work like octopi in that the pigment colors their skin based on surrounding rocks and foliage.

In an article in Science Magazine, the team describes how they’ve created a system that senses the surrounding color and then pumps in color. You can read more about the project on the DARPA website where they go in depth on the impetus behind the project.

Why does this matter to the Department of Defense? DARPA foresees robots of many shapes and sizes contributing to a wide range of future defense missions, but robotics is still a young field that has focused much of its…

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