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The perfect media distribution exists and the internet is already using it.

There is a cartoon by Oatmeal called “I tried to watch the Game of Thrones and this is what happened” which got me to thinking about the ways the media industry has tried to reinvent the wheel.

To write this I needed to look at the ways I use to watch media on the Internet and which ones I do use, there are some legitimate ways and some not so legitimate ways.

Legitimate ways

Spotify is my most used system, it’s a £n a month subscription which i can use on the go, in the office or on my TV it’s got many cross platform and uses streaming, there is an option for offline listening which is potentially the best part of Spotify creating off line playlists. Streaming is key to just about every media agencies internet because it in the most part it keeps the media off the users chosen device and on the media companies server. In the front room or the office streaming works well we have good wired connections to the internet and they are usually pretty stable.

For Brokers of media like Apples iTunes and other such service downloading is a better option it provides the user with the ability, usually within a time frame to watch the media they want when they want to watch it. This usually works on an al-a-carte purchase server and requires space on the endpoint.

The problem is when the media agencies control what you can see and how you can see it, they do just that, and there is no central location where you can get all the media you want, Netflix, Lovefilm, iTunes they all have good media libraries but no one has it all. No single location where you can get access to all the media. Take the UK for example where they have been streaming and allowing 7 day download sof TV, these are ground breaking services however fragmented. If the aforementioned services know something they are aware that we need brokers for all these services.

Not so legitimate ways.

There is however a way which supplies the user the media they want, from a central location, with an ease of efficient download. It’s well used, well thought out and fast. However using it is illegal and can land you with no internet for months in some countries.

P2P style networks have been the scourge of the internet for years, they are possibly going to make the way the internet is used changed because the strength of the media companies lobbying the unofficial leader of the free world. The US government.

There does seem to be a strange irony in the initial cartoon, an accurate one in that if you want media which is devoid of adverts, a 10 minute prologue to downloading media, in HD surround sound.  There is a media outlet several in fact which can provide you with what you need. You can download entire seasons for those wet weekends, you can download the shows you want to watch from foreign shores months before you can in the your own country. The only downside is the lack of advertising revenue which pays for the show to start with. And here we have the missing link because if you can find a way of using P2P, Bittorrent, Usenet to provide the shows, and the advertising you’ve just provided the planet with the best way to distribute media.



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