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Long Lost tech..


Tech comes and goes, some is decent some well, it doesn’t last long, this article looks back at the tech we have forgotten…


We all know about the gadgets that get showered with constant praise—the icons, the segment leaders, and the game changers. Tech history will never forget the Altair 8800, the Walkman, the BlackBerry, and the iPhone.

But people do forget—and quickly—about the devices that failed to change the world: the great ideas doomed by mediocre execution, the gadgets that arrived before the market was really ready, or the technologies that found their stride just as the world was pivoting to something else.

In our last piece on gadget history, we profiled the worst products the Ars staff had ever used. Here, we celebrate the best products that are sliding slowly into the memory hole. But when they first appeared, we loved them.

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