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Finally, it happened, and Surprisingly it was Nikon

This week someone finally listened, this is something i blogged about over 2 years ago. It’s a simple but genius Idea which deserves to do very well.

Simply it’s put Android on a camera with a decent lens and this week Nikon of all people did this. If i’d have been honest i would see a Samsung or a Panasonic do this as they are well known for their consumer and pro sumer cameras. Nikon was a bit of a surprise however.

It’s no shock to know that the low end point and click camera market is fizzling out as slowly mobile phones are catching up with better and better lenses, so the point and click on holiday guys are choosing to use the mobile more and more. However at the same time the same people are realising if you take a lot of photos with your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S the battery tends to die very quickly.

The coupling of the Android OS into a camera is a stroke of pure genius, this camera isn’t using the latest OS from Google it’s using 2.3 Gingerbread version which isn’t such a bad idea as this is still one of the most used versions of OS and has a huge stock of known working apps available on the phone via google Play over the built in Wifi.

What this opens up is a wealth of camera apps available on the platform, from the all round Camera360 experience to the specialist apps which shoot in black and white or Instagram style overlays in realtime. Because of the wifi the photos can be instant upload to Social media or offline backup sites directly from the camera.

So I’ve got to credit Google/Nikon with the Coolpix S800c camera and hope that this catches on.. Anything has to be better than the stock interfaces some of these cameras come with..


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