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New Facebook IOS App.. (Updated)

So Facebook have put “lots of effort” and finally pulled thier thumb out of thier collective social arse and redesigned thier IOS Application.

Historically the stock Facebook app has been a torrid affair, an example o just how bad an app can be and thankfully raised a spawn of Facebook Apps which didn’t find it that hard to perform better than the offering of Zuckerburg.

Facebook this week launched their new “rewritten from the ground up” IOS app and are touting things like faster startup speed and being quicker. Having dropped the link to the HTML5 back end and goin into the code directly apparently.

For an IOS App to use Faster loading speeds pretty much sums up just how bad the previous version of the app was IOS Apps usually load quickly.

So is the rewrite any good? Well put simply yes, it is, and it’s a huge step in the right direction on the iPad which i’ve been using it on over the last couple of days. They have the screen layout and use the space well and being facebook we get access to all the facebook features.

The App is faster and Facebook have managed to sneak in the first string of the mobile advertising stratagy into the app with the occasional “Pages you may like” which will soon enough i’m sure turn into adds in your stream. That i’m not so worried about especially if Facebook can make them relevant to who i am, what I like and where I am..

All in all this seems to be stable, photo uploads, groups and messaging is all good which is better already than the previous version.

I’ve got to drop the rather excellent Fera for iPad the app i’ve been using because finally Facebook have done the business.


Turns out the app doesn’t show the whole image in the news feed, just a small cropped version of the app.

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