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So what now? Apple hold all the cards..

So Apple won, they have been awarded a bag of cash which for anyone else would have been considered large however for the company who’s market cap is well over $600B could be considered loose change.

In a double whammy or Apple apparently they also didn’t infringe on Motorola patents.

The U.S. International Trade Commission on Friday completed its review of a Motorola complaint from April, ruling against an import ban on Apple’s iPhone and iPad after finding the devices do not infringe on certain wireless technology patents owned by the Google subsidiary.

While Apple could apparently go for Triple the payout from Samsung, and while Samsung will be hurt but not a huge amount financially as a $45M company. There will be more court dates, appeals, and this could drag out for a while I have to figure what now?

Apple have the right to hold up their patents, which are used by phone manufacturers, that look and feel of the iPad tablet and iphone is now something no other company in their right mind would copy, does this mean the industry will now need to innovate or is it easier to licence that look and feel from Apple?

Icon’s in a row, slide to unlock, touch to launch are all things the phone industry has to think long and hard before it puts it in a phone, can they off set the licensing cost from Apple which will need to be paid or a costly lawsuit with a previous win  could ensue.

The big Winner here is potentially Microsoft, because they have blatantly designed the metro interface to be as far away from IOS as possible. Google on the other hand need to have a long hard rethink if they are to move forward because their look and feel as it stands right now is going to cost them a fortune in a litigation nightmare moving forward.

In an ideal world this is going to promote mutually assured innovation as no one wants to licence from Apple and reduce the profit margin on the lower end of the smart phone market. In the real world this means Google will probably end up licensing Apple’s patents and the costs of phones rising to cover that.


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