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The 3 stock social media iPad apps

The three big players in social media Facebook, Twitter and Google plus all have stock apps on the iPad now, and they all present the media in different ways. How they do that is quite interesting


Facebook and I’ve cropped out on the right a bar of the people who were online for their anonimitys sake. Have just relaunched their iPad app and have gone for the traditional up down scrolling display focusing on showing the media within a post as much as possible. The app no longer uses the site and due to the re write is very responsive. uploading media and accessing all the other site areas is done from a slide in bar on the left.


Twitter have used the same vertical scrolling however taken the minimum tweet idea to the app with quick lists which Chen clicked on provide a rather innovative slide in panel which displays either information on the twitterer or the contents of any shortened links. Urls are opened within the app itself and don’t pop out to safari which is nice. Down the left it is possible to search the twitter verse and use groups.


Finally the comparative new kid on the block Google+ has a horizontal scrolling entry as a stock app pushing like Facebook very much on the media content within the app. Much like Facebook the main areas of the site are hidden to the left in a pop out menu.

Both google and Facebook are heavily pushing the media within the posts and putting that front and centre while facebooks app specifically seems to focus on those who are online now more that googles which is in stark contrast to the websites the sites offer. Twitter is still about the tweet flow and displaying those 140characters.

I have to say for just general polished look and feel googles new google+ is eye catching and looks great. However for sheer usability I do like the twitter app as it has everything I need up front and no sub menus.


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