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Jellybean on the Asus transformer TF300

Of all the tablets and devices out there to get the Google Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Update the Asus Transformer TF300 Tablet was the last one i’d think to get the update in the first batch a Motorola or a Samsung Tablet maybe bunt not the one i’m using.. so it was a welcome surprise last week when i powered up the device and  there was an update waiting. Even more surprised when after a reboot the version number was 4.1…

So the install was quick compared to an IOS update and the little Android robot guy showing me what was happening was a nice touch and post install the device needed a reboot to get the speed back up to normal however everything app wise worked fine. Even the Asustek add ons.

So what about the new features? What works and what doesn’t

Google Now

Google’s new search system Google Now is an interesting beast it’s all about you, it’s there to tell you about your life and make it easier. For the ins and outs take a look at  My experience was interesting with Google Now because right out of the bat this service provided me nothing, a few days later something interesting happened Google Now told me the result of the Chelsea Newcastle match. It then informed me that the Barnet Train’s were running late.

This is a system which needs data about you to work, the more data the better the feedback and I can see it, if you want to go down that route, being a VERY useful service especially on a phone which is always with you.


Full Device encryption is built directly into the OS and is pretty quick encrypting the Device, done in under 10 minutes. I like FDE it makes me feel safe if i leave the device on a train, the data is safer, not safe, but safer.. Select Encryption, enter a pin number and leave to encrypt job done.

Facial recognition

As well as Full Disk Encryption Android offers Face Recognition, it’s just another string to the bow of the security string and to be honest it’s a piece of crap. Useless, Apparently I look like a different person each time as it’s never picked up my face. I like the idea but to be honest it’s a gizmo not a feature.

Voice Recognition

I can pit Googles Android based recognition and Apple’s head to head on both these devices and let me tell you Apple’s is better hands down. However Google has a little killer feature. both are cloud based recognition depending on a web connection and this is all good in the connected world, until that is that point when you are disconnected. Google however have added the feature of Offline Recognition, it’s not even close to being as complete as the cloud based system however it’s functional..

While Apple trumps this system hands down, thats not tot say Google’s system isn’t usable it’s just a bit more flakey in places.


This is a little update and a big update, there are some great features here like Google Now however some stocking fillers as well. Speed isn’t improved, nothing seems that “buttery” smooth compared to the last version and I can see that the Jelly Bean is no where close to being a 5.0 release.

Android 5.0 needs to be a rewrite, from the ground up to stop litigation from Apple and to prove to the industry that it is safe to make Android phones without Apple litigating them six ways till sunday.



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