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Turn your Android into Windows 7 Phone.

While we love Android as a phone Operating system and that huge number of professional apps for your phone having a look over the fence at the offerings by Microsoft and even a die hard Windows Hater like me tells me that Launcher is nice.

Well it turns out the Google Play store has the answer to the problem in the firm of the Launcher7 app a replacement for the stock launcher which mimic’s the Windows 7 phone  interface on your android phone.

Why would you want to do this? Well the simplicity of the interface, the speed of the launcher and because you can are perfectly valid reasons.

The Launcher has a “Wizard” which launches when the launcher replacement first starts and you can setup the default applications for things like phone, sms, contacts etc to be honest i just blew this away and setup the launcher tiles by using the apps Application list. selecting the app you want with a long press lets you add the Application to the main launcher tiles however just before you add the tile you get the ability to change the tile colour, change the tile icon and add some additional features like gmail count, message count or missed call count on the tile.

Tiles can be moved around and locked when you want to also the interface allows you to lock out the default android bar at the top of the screen the one with the time and notifications on it.

Initial use seems to be fast and not many lock ups or reloads, and with my sausage fingers i love the larger icons. I have a limited set of regular apps i use on the phone so have a nice short list of about 14 apps shown as tiles.

Worth a look especially if you love android but like the look and feel idea of Windows Phone 7

Download: Launcher 7 from Google Play

One comment on “Turn your Android into Windows 7 Phone.

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