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Why Apple’s recent “Win” is great for the smart phone

Apples recent victory over Samsung has had the popular tech press in a frenzy with posts claiming the end is nigh, Apple will monopolize the mobile phone market, samsung can appeal and all sundry of  posts and quotes in between.

This is my 2 pennies worth and you know what? This is great for the phone industry.For too long the phone industry has been too willing to copy innovation and ride on the back of it for years, Samsung’s only a recent example, the Motorola flip phone is another example. It’s all too easy to watch a phone succeed just as the iPhone did and then live off the back of this. Admittedly Samsung have been “helped” in the situation by the OS.

Android is about as close to IOS as it can get however there is a reason for this, both OS’s were spawned from meetings, timeframes and history which will always go down in history with google directors resigning from Apple’s board and vice versa.

The Long and the short of this is the irony of the phone industry which makes Microsoft one of the few companies in the phone space to have actually shown that it is possible to create a phone which doesn’t have a row of horizontal and vertical icons. A design and interface which looks very unlike anything in the phone space.

This is what the industry needs, to understand what Microsoft have done, to take the risk and do something different. To be brutally honest this is what Google needs to do, for Version 5 of Android I would suggest that Google need to take a long hard look at what it is they have, how can they make it un IOS like and create their own path. While I love the android OS on phones it has fallen short on tablets from an aesthetic/usability point of view. there is just too much space on those large screens.

There are already examples of this already, a Kickstarter project based on Android called Chameleon

Shows just what can be done with a little thought, this is what i believe Google should be striving for on both thier phones and especially on their tablets.

However this case with apple and Samsung can’t be just about Android, hardware innovation is hard, I’d actually agree with Samsung in the argument about just how much can you do with a phone and tablet design, its a rectangular object  and 4, 7 and 10 inches and it’s been proven this sells be it apple, samsung or whoever make it. There is innovation available here with keyboards as Asus have proved however it’s hard not to wonder what Apple suggest Samsung should be doing..

I’m got huge hope that this will start some innovation in an otherwise stagnent industry, with each phone looking much like the last and the OS also not looking that different between the major players. Lets get out there and be the next iPhone/iPad and not just a copy of it..



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