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Thank you for the memories, now move aside the future is here..

There are some technologies which just slow the world down, they served a purpose, had their time and now just need to go to the corner of a lab somewhere and die.. They are something held onto by people who just can’t move forward.


Flash, yes it is, its the fastest way to drain a battery on any non Windows device just start up a flash page and watch that battery life disappear. Where whole sites wer once designed using flash and it became almost built into most web browsers being the first pluing most people installed it has become little more than a container for displaying videos in recent years. Adobe went mobile with it however even by their own admission it was never going to be great on these new Tablet platforms.

Thankfully Apple and Steve jobs started the cull of Flash by not wanting it suppotered or used on IOS platform, which due to huse sales forced the big boys down the HTML5 route. This has gained traction with Windows 8 Metro, Android 4.1 not supporting or being supported by this no longer best of breed tech.


A hangover from the old days, the days of Microsoft only world, the world however has changed and while dotNET still lives its lack of Linux, Mac or anything non windows support is no longer needed out in the cross platform real world. This is just laziness like those old IE only sites back when Firefox was breaking through. Slowly the web went standards and cross platform orientated well applications across the board should now do the same thing.. One less set of plugins and dll’s to install on that fresh Windows build to slow down that new PC.


Java, the day has been and passed for the bean, touted as “the” cross platform system, lets face it, other than Android and a few poor Windows 95 looking apps which crash and fall over, and browser plugins which seem to grind your system to a halt this is another example of a Flash like project which has served its purpose but needs to grow old and pass on. Oracle don’t seem to care about it and a recent Zero Day attack using the 1.7 branch as a container seems to have possibly started the demise of this particular technology and hopefully for good.


Apache Tomcat is an open source software implementation of the Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages technologies.And lets face it thats about as much as i can positively say about this platform, i like the fact it’s open source however if i get one more Cantina Eror and lack of logs and information when the server apps die which use it i’ll cry. The apps are shoddy slow cumbersome affairs and this again needs to realise it has served a purpose and there are better technologies out there..

Google Toolbar

Really i need a toolbar? There was a spate of time that everything you installed on your PC had the option to install Google Toolbar, to be honest any toolbar on my browser is a useless thing. Taking away from my screen real-estate and potentially phoning back to a mothership with my data.. Ironically it was with a flash installer i last saw this..

Online Registrations

Ok, not a plugin, but an annoyance all the same, why should i provide my email address for your marketing department to download a fee app. I don’t need or want a site login for your service and if/when i do i’ll use Google ID, Facebook, Open ID or Twitter.. Lets use ID technologies and not my mail address please..


Finally PDF, this is a great idea, and when used right a brilliant technology however in the most part its just a malware delivery system, no one uses the javascript except people looking to hijack your PC. Lets face it Adobe are looking to ISO this format as a standard and all they need to do is turn off the additional fluff in the player. Don’t belive me, look how many updates due to 0 day exploits and bugs have been applied in the last year..


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