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Photography on the go.

Taking a photo with an iPad is a strange thing, the tablet is not a camera and when doing so you often get looked at strangely.  Much in the same way you used to get looked at when you were using your phone to take photos. Well that’s accepted now and no one looks at you strange.

Either way as the expression goes the best camera you have is the one you have with you and using the iPad you can take some really good photos and the always on internet over 3G means you can get the photo uploaded from the same device. People &emdash; Flowers at the station


This is a premise that both Nikon and Samsung seem to have picked up on with Nikon releasing an Android 2.3 camera and Samsung announcing an Android 4.1 Camera.

Both Camera’s do a couple of things which the photography world needs they let you use a wealth of photography apps while on the go rather than the stock Camera OS you usually get and they get the camera connected to the cloud via Wifi in both counts and 3G in the Samsung. This gets those photos off the camera and onto Facebook or your chosen platform immediately after post editing.

This is a logical step up from the same camera phone with a decent lense on it..

This can only be good for sites like Facebook, 500px and Zenfolio..


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