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Weekend in the Sun..

Having spent the weekend by the sea I made a schoolboy error when it come to the weather. Leaving in the morning the sky was that nice cloudy you get on a day at the beach if it can’t be sunny, however there was nothing more than a slight muggy in the air to suggest this was going to be anything other than a cloudy British day at the beach..

Having walked from Bournemouth pier  to Boscombe pier, it was getting mildly hotter in temperature, and as the planes of the Bournemouth Air Festival  kicked in the clouds parted and the sun came out.. New Photos &emdash; On a British Beach

Random Guy on the beach

So the sun came out, and came out with a force i can only call White Sand beach, its the sirt of sun i’ve only felt in Thailand, this was man sized heat..

And this hund around baking the beach for hour after hour, and this had the expected effect on this IT Guy..

I’ve spent the last two days looking like a strawberry…

Day 3 of the Sunburn and the skin is starting to tighten.. I’m begging for the peeling to start.


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