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Why Microsoft are going to destroy Android

Android has had a fair number of years in the arena of sole IOS alternative, Palm tried and failed with WebOS to become a viable alternative and while the OS showed promise the lack of commitment and trying to out launch Apple never helped this otherwise sound alternative. Now Microsoft are launching a competitor to IOS and Android.

While unseating IOS might not happen giving android a run for its money with Microsoft mobile 8 might not be that hard. Despite what die hard android fans might tell you the tablet implementation of ICS and Jelly bean are both awful. Providing users with big open spaces from the get go they feel obliged to fill with junk, a spate of phones and tablets where manufacturers don’t or choose not to update and apps which feel almost cottage industry compared to the IOS version (spotify, Skype, lastpass?)

You will be told that the app store is king to any mobile device let me assure you that is not the truth while 100000 apps might sound grate, 100 that most people will try and 30 they will use is enough a good twitter, Facebook and google+ app as well a good news reader, photo editor and at a last ditched attempt a Skype app which works and most users are fine. For the more professional users a camera app, video app and making sure everything supports social media and most users are more than happy.

The truth is we don’t get to try 100000 apps and we don’t need to, what we do need is simply build a reactive decent phone os. Which looks visually appealing and works, doesn’t drain the battery and connects to the web.

These are things which Google has built up to over the years, and are finally getting to and as it turns out Microsoft have the potential to deliver 2nd time out. With the new metro release of windows phone 8.

There is obviously a difference between the two companies.. Microsoft are an OS company at heart and have experience mostly bad, but still experience in the smartphone sector. android are still learning and while as I have always said on a phone they are second to (well Apple) however they are still learning and still trying to justify that enterprise and thus lucrative business sector.

Having had a bit of a go on a wm8 phone I’m amazed to say as a Microsoft hater, I like this OS, it is fast, it’s responsive and the interface is well thought out. The battery life is great and the basic apps prove a huge level of potential..

Then there is this patent war.. Apple are not going to let this go, they have way too much invested, don’t let recent reports of peace breaking out fool you, Apple are being backed into an innovation corner and losing.. The enterprise is going to be cautious of investing in a platform which is going to be in court all the time which and may have to remove features.. Not something Microsoft need to worry about as they have the necessary licensing in place to protect them.

Microsoft are about to give Google a huge run for their money… Competition is good.. It will make or break the phone market


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