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The future ain’t so bright..

Just been reading an interesting writeup on  which seems very worryingly to be a trend in the IT sector at the moment.

Verge Link

Oh boy – if The Verge’s recent video demo of Windows RT is anything to go by, Microsoft’s upcoming tablets are going to be a flat out disaster. Ross Miller took a tour around a tablet running what they reckon to be a final build of Windows RT and it makes for horror movie style viewing – all that’s missing is a scary soundtrack.

Miller struggles during large parts of the demo to get much of anything done easily with the supposedly touch interface of the tablet – including when trying to use the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet app. From early on in the demo he mentions things like …

Clearly it’s more optimized for keyboard and mouse.
The touch menus are really not suitable for touch.

Those are always good things to hear when working with a supposedly touch-based tablet.

The tablet has no accelerometer and changing the orientation via a tiny menu item looks like far from a barrel of laughs – you can check that out at about the 2:10 – 2:40 section of the video.

Dear God I hope there’s an easier way of doing it …

Miller repeatedly gets switched to ‘classic mode’ when trying to do something and concludes that if you’re going to do anything even pseudo-serious you’re going to need a mouse and keyboard.

Check out the video (linked above) and see what you think. I think unless RT tablets are going to be near 100% different to this by release time then they’re going to be yet another huge failure for Microsoft in the mobile arena.

What we have written here is unfortunately becoming more and more common in reviews and watercooler it conversations. Most of the IT people I work with see Windows 8 as a stopgap OS, one which has been “rushed” to market to provide a stocking filler OS which has been put out into the market to keep the lucrative enterprise market on side while showing the world that it too can embrace the potentially lucrative Tablet market. The general consensus seems to be Windows 9 will be where it is at.

As an observation it’s not far wrong and it’s not like Microsoft doesn’t have previous form, every other MS Release is usually a pile of dirt. Windows 98 follow up Windows ME prime example and more recently the on off and on again of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 shows that Microsoft has a habit of taking a leap of faith and refining it in the next release.

So right now we have an experiment, the world will comment, Microsoft WILL listen because that is what they do and in Windows 9 provide what the world actually want’s

Inherently this is a huge Gamble for Microsoft the convergence of interfaces across XBox, Tablet, Desktop and Mobile is a gigantic task and no company is ever going to get this right out of the blocks. The interface is a major change as well a complete rebranding att he same time. This is of course something Microsoft needed to do it was quickly becoming not so much irrelevant but maybe staid was a better word for it. Sure it’s a huge player, but often not because of choice more because changing enterprise IT is a hard thing to do.

Either way something is going to happen over the next few months with Apple IOS6 coming out, Android updateds, the 7″ form factor becoming loved in Tablets and “standardised on” lets see where this path ends up..


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