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Time of change

It’s not often you see a complete potential for change in an Industry and despite the IT industry moving its not actually changed that much ove the last 10 to 15 years.. If we consider that OK there have been interface changes on Windows and OSX however the basic Windows, Icon, Mouse and Pointer style interface used by the majority of computers has been around since the late 70’s. Even the concept of having a keyboard, screen and computer has been around longer than this.

We do however stand on the verge of a period of momentous change in the world of IT where not just consumer IT is on the brink of change, consumer IT is pushing the Enterprise as well in ways it never has done before and moving what is normally a very slow moving beast at the best of times.

3 years ago if you’d have waved an iPhone infront of your parents they’d probably have looked at you made a tutting noise and told you that all you need a phone for is making calls. Today that is not the case smartphones, touch interfaces, speech recognition its no longer the realm of the Geek and Nerd, its the norm. Indeed it’s only the cable based broadband in this example being better than the local 3G which keeps most people with a phone in their home.

The age of the consumer driven Mobile Device revolution is upon us and this has changed the entire computing landscape in ways which are obvious and ways which are not.

Start in a company and you’d be provided a Laptop and a Mobile phone if you job so required, this kit was either if you were lucky new, if you were not it was handed down from someone who left a week before. This kit would be usually be the cheaper end of the market with a minimal spec with Windows on it and until recently probably XP or Vista as the corporate build wasn’t that up to date..

Now don’t get me wrong there are reasons for this, your it department isn’t looking just ater you, it is looking after everyone, every server, every phone, every problem with an IP Address attached to it, and probably a few more you can’t even think of, its trying to protect the network, and being hassled by people who can’t use computers and even if this day and age still claim “I don’t get these things”

However most users are now looking to bypass that cumbersome IT equipment and use their iPad or Android tablet it’s more condusive to the way they work. While this brings enough pro’s and con’s for it’s own Blog post the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement is pushing forward and mobile is key to success hee.

The pivotal reason for this change however is a simple one, these mobile devices are no using Microsoft Operating systems (yet) because they are not using those WIMP interfaces, this is the age of touch screens, everything has touch on it indeed recently when handing out some old Blackberry phones it was interesting to watch EVERY user attempt to use it as a touch device even on that small screen. We have come to expect it. Touch has been around for years it is the smartphone spurred on by the iPhone and Android which have lead this change in how we are using mobile computing. The laptop and then the netbook are now starting to be outsold by keyboard-less devices which support touch.

These mobile devices smartphones and tablets have taken a while to work out the form factor we want, this seems to now have boiled down to the 4.5″ Smartphone and 7″ Tablet. With the 8.9″ Ipad screen being popular more because of its ratio and retina display. These devices are bringing other technologies which have been around for a while as well. Key among these is speech. Siri on the Apple IOS devices again has been a key component in driving this technology and Android with Google Now is also driving this technology forward.

Much of these technologies are being pushed because of the processors on these small mobile powerhouses each packing spac’s you’d have been impressed with on a Laptop a few years ago. Again the mobile revolution isn’t just changing the technology landscape with touch, speech and other such technologies the giants of Intel and AMD are suffering a large loss of revenue as the ARM juggernaut railroads the mobile processor chip space. While not left for dead it does show what a huge push mobile is having on the industry when Intel changes its earnings forecast because of loss of earnings.

Above the chip layer of the system are the hardware vendors and the industry isn’t safe here either, the days of dominance by the likes of HP, Dell, Compaq and Toshiba are limited, again these companies won’t die, however it’s names like Samsung, Asus, Motorola and HTC which are gaining traction in this new age. What i’m finding interesting is how the old guard is much like enterprise IT and seemingly unwilling to take the necessary risks. HP Announcing that it will be using Intel Chips and Microsoft Operating systems on its new tablet range when the facts show it’s ARM and Apple/Google where the bigger bucks are being made.

And then we have the operating system, the interface between you and your hardware Microsoft has ruled the roost for over 20+ years on Desktop, Laptop and even on Mobile smart phones for a while early on. It used to be said no one got fired for buying IBM, and this is much the same with Microsoft no CIO/CTO is going to be upset at having that Enterprise locked down using Microsoft AD and those Group Policies locking it all down. Stable, understood, trained Engineers with paper certificates can be hired. All good.

In this brave new world Microsoft got out of the starting blocks late and in doing so panicked and that concept of Windows being safe is no longer the true. Apple & Google are the big players in this mobile space and they are established now. Microsoft is playing experience catchup learning the hardway that the menus and icons of Windows don’t translate so well when using a finger and not a mouse. However it seems not learning that lesson very well.. Ironically with the desktop causing change with these new devices alternatives in the server room are also chipping away at Microsofts server options…

This switch to mobile has also changed how we move our data the CD is dead, USB sticks less releven and the move to the cloud scaring us all. Old media the moving of data using sneakernet is long gone in this new world. Bluetooth 3, Wifi, and new standards are all coming forward to let us get files between devices without the need for a USB Stick.

So the market has changed and it’s not going away, this change is opening IT to those who may have had issues using it before, the technophobes, disabled, visually impaired, the young and the old are all picking up these devices and installing their apps ..

Never before has such a change you could even call it a revolution happened.. it’s great watching it, reading the debates, listening to the old guard justifying the old way, and the new guard doing the same. One thing is for sure. In 3 years time i won’t be working on a desktop or laptop.. I won’t need to.


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