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Watching gadgets and services become consumer items

There is a lifecycle in tech from birth to mainstream there is a similar path that many apps and gadgets will take on this journey and depending on how they fare at each stage depends on how sucessful they will become.. the question is which group do you fall in?

The Early Adopter

I’m going to put my hands up here, i’m well and truly in this group. These are my people the first sniff of a new technology and we are reading about it, the first chance to get on board a new social media or webpage we sign up to see what it is all about. It’s all to easy to be like everyone else and dismiss this stuff first hand early on and we end up with a lot of junk along the way however occasionally you get bragging rights for being one of the first in. The iPad from day 1, Cord Cutter, Skype User within the first month of launch, twitter launcher, Firefox before it was firefox, HTML when everyone was on CompuServe and AOL.

This is the make or break area for any new technology, you need to get the geeks and nerds on board the technical evangelists who write the blogs, and press. Early adaptors will be seen on the train with your tech, will spread the word in water cooler conversations about this new tech. Geeks don’t just sign up either they use this tech, they go on forums and complain about features which don’t work. this is important feedback because its the best beta test you will ever get.. Honest user feedback by people who can articulate (in most cases) the issues and problems and not just tell you “This is shit, ti doesn’t work”

The early adopter ou need to remember needs this tech to be worth while, they already have a room full of old tech which the significant other doesn’t understand why they need it…

The I Need that

This group are the ones who tap the early adopter for knowledge, they watch what the previous group are using, they see the excitement and then when the time is right they pounce.

They don’t always buy kit because they know what they want to do with it and often get bored very quickly of their kit however these are guys who feed the message a bit further of a product. These are the second wave of sales or intakes on a product. These are the people with C and O in their job title and like to talk about the tech more than use it. Often the comments made are in mis understood circumstances however they do help spread the word.

These guys also pass their kit onto their families.. huge move..

The Consumer

The third wave is important it’s where the rolling stone starts to gather speed and when you start to see devices on the train into work, user swells start to occur on internet systems. The media starts using phrases like “hashtag” and “Like that” the marketing guys move in and then the money starts to be made.

The consumer has products move into department stores and usually start moving in on hardware just before there is an update. This winds early adopters up as they spend the cash to get the product moving and then the hardware company puts out a better upgrade.

The consumer will then see the previous groups as “having the old one..” little do they know the early adopters are already introducing themselves to the next big thing..

Going consumer level pretty much starts making you cash.. and paying back those VC companies.

Your Parents..

The final nut to crack, the point at which your product or service has made it.. your family are the biggest skeptics and will crack jokes at you early on. However when a product has gone to consumer level and even your gran knows what a hashtag or a like is or knows there is an app for that the product has made it.

Very few products get this far and when they do they are much like the TV or the Telephone and set to be with us for a very long time…

And at this point the early adopter knows it’s time to ditch the product for good.. 😉


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