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What the London Olympics showed me..

We spent today finally getting to see a Live event the Paralympic Marathon three times both the Men and Women came past us, i got to see a true hero Dave Weir buzz past at a breakneck speed.  However there was a moment very early on which showed just how London has embraced these games and the people who have been performing feats of amazing heroics in them




The Chinese Mens Wheelchair came past and then his chair broke down or he couldn’t go any further what ever it was he stopped. When he stopped members of public were worried for him, and made sure he was OK until the games makers came to help. When they did, everyone wanted to talk to this guy. I have no idea if he spoke English, if he understood, however he was finally smiling. Thousands of miles away from his home people he had never met, and could not communicate with were making sure he was ok, and happy to see him, learn about him.. Who he was.

Finally a translater came up, and he answered many questions, until his car turned up, and then the most impromptu heartfelt applause I have ever heard erupted for this guy..

That is what this Olympics means to me.. People don’t give a crap who you are, where you come from, they want to know your story, and listen… One leg of two, no arms, lack of sight it’s all irrelevant. Who is the person.

More Photos from today…


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