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TV Catchup..

So we went to watch the Paralympic Marathon at the Weekend and while waiting for the competitors to come past we were watching the start of the race 6 miles behind us on the iPad live..

The previous week the Spa F1 race and the sun was shining, we didn’t want to be locked to TV on such a nice day so we went out, found a park, and watched the F1 on the iPad Live..

This is the realm of TVCatchup providing you live TV on Desktop, Tablet and Phone and until recently it’s been doing this really well via the web browser with no complaints from this longtime user..

The team however have gone full circle and created Apps for iOS and Android and in doing so have made the system easier to use and faster too..

Faster in so much as the advertising is done in a far less obtrusive way and I’ve enven clicked on a few ads as well.. rather than needing to wait for 10 second Ad before the program starts they are now links which need to be cloed prior to the program starting.

So what is the idea? Well in the the UK we have freeview, that is free TV broadcast using set-top boxes over digital networks. TV Catchup provides an interface to watch these freeview channels on a computer. I belive it is UK only (unless you understand how a VPN works) and as the service has grown so has its stability and signal strength. Less breakup more viewing.

As someone who uses the service on everything i am very happy to see the App release and it’s on the homescreen of all my devices.


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