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Does Microsoft Need Windows RT? Why not just put Windows Mobile 8 on a Tablet?

It is fair to say that in many quarters the Windows 8 Tablet is getting slammed specifically for the lack of commitment by Microsoft to the Metro Interface. So why did Microsoft bother putting the desktop OS on the RT Tablet? Why not just put the phone OS on there instead?

So with the negative press out in the Tech press over Windows 8 RT and its bigger Intel powered sibling I’ve been reading the press release reviews and hands on for Windows Mobile Phone 8 and yes they are press releases written by people who make a living writing about such things in a positive light. However even some of the most hardend bloggers are being favorable towards both the Samsung and Nokia Windows Mobile Phone 8 Devices.

The Windows Mobile Phone 8 like Windows 8 RT Surface Tablet works on an ARM processor and seems that if its running Metro and not needing to drop out to the Desktop. there is already an app store containing much the same Apps which you’d need on a tablet as well as a phone it’s got just about everything you’d need on a larger tablet device.

Microsoft need to pull their finger out with features like Office and make that metro ASAP however the Remote App feature could get round this.

Short post, however it just beggers belief that the Phone App isn’t being promoted to run on tablets.. Maybe it will come..?


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