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The Planets are aligning..

I’m THE Android user, from early days i’ve been an Android user HTC Hero a great phone, nice apps and i see the point however the planets are aligning for a change.

I’ve been reading about these new Nokia Lumia 920 a really impressive phone matching and in some cases bettering the spec of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Nokia seem to have got a few things like Camera and Maps better than Googles offering.

I’ve been wondering should i shouldn’t I, i’ve even installed the Launcher 7 on Android and have to say I think  Microsoft might be onto something with this Metro Tile interface on the phone system. I’m dead set in my opinion that the Tablet doesn’t work with metro and the desktop really doesn’t however I’ll state for the record it does on the phone..

So today in the UK EverythingEverywhere the joint venture of  Orange and T-Mobile firstly rebranded to EE and then announced along with the UK’s first 4G service being available in the UK in a handful of cities (of which London is one) and they will have the Nokia Lumia 920 on a limited first vendor to have the phone on the LTE network.

I have checked and the apps i use on the phone are available on the phone, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Paypal, Amazon Store, Kindle etc..

Well my Current Orange contract finishes in a few Weeks, and I’m now being swayed very much towards this phone. I don’t see anything innovative and new coming on Android I do however love the idea of trying something new and getting on that 4G network. So I will be looking closely at a bunch of reviews and unless Android rock out a ground breaking new device/update in the next 6 weeks. I’m going to be looking at the Yellow Nokia Lumia 920..


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