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Using an iPad for on the go photo workflow..

The iPad 3 is without a doubt the best tablet on the market right now for viewing photos and editing and managing as it happens. I’ve been searching for a workflow for a while with the device to get from photo to internet edited and uploaded and come as close as I can so far to almost what i’m looking for.

Camera to iPad

The first stage of getting started is getting the photos off the camera onto the iPad and this is best done using the Apple Camera Connection Kit. While lightly overpriced kit consists of 2 Adaptors one for USB and one for SD Card. I’m guessing it’s the SD Card one you’ll find the most useful.

Putting an SD card into the adaptor opens the photo app on the iPad which in turn indexes and opens all the photos on the SD Card allowing you then to import some or all the photos you’ve taken. Including RAW photos it seems.


Editing the Photos

There are hundreds of  photo editing apps on the iPad App store and i’ve given most of them a try. there is everything from your basic filter appliers to the ability to add colour to black and white photos.

Many of them suffer from the same problem, they are designed with the wrong interface in mind and I personally feel they are all falling short. That is apart from Snapseed which is head and tails above the rest when it comes to understanding the interface (your finger) for editing the photos.

With Plenty of predefined presets and manual controls the pletora of enhancements which can be applied to photos is huge and once finished the photos can be sent out if you so choose to your preferred social media platform.

A better explanation than i can give check out the Snapseed iPad Website.

Uploading to Internet

The first rule of data is back it up and having your photos on your iPad or SD Card while you are travelling around is a good local backup, however both devices could be lost or stolen and you are without your precious work.

I was using Google+ to do this as it would upload my photos to Google+ however this was not without issues as Google+ resizes the photos it uploads.

The latest update to Adobe’s Revel (previously Adobe Carousel)  has however stepped in and proven to be a godsend for providing uploads off the iPad while also providing a great way to create slideshows and tage and group photos. Revel will, if setup in settings to do so, automatically upload the files in the Camera Roll (or other galleries on the iPad) up to the Revel servers.

Having checked with Adobe via Twitter i’ve been assured that there is no cap on the amount of data you can upload, however they do stress this isn’t a backup solution (I’d disagree) You get 30 days to check it out and the Mac is supported if its easier to get all your photos up to the service via your desktop..

Revel has limited filters and editing such as cropping and scaling on the iPad app and the site provides plugins for Lightroom and iPhoto among others for photo management.

From iPad to Desktop

So you’ve got home and yo want to get the photos off your iPad, you could use the cumbersome iTunes but why bother. Even if you are in the hotel room or on a Wifi lan you can get the photos off the iPad onto the PC using Airdisk Pro

Airdisk pro turns your iPad into a wireless network device from which you select the files you want to make available to download, then provide the PC’s web browser the https:// connection from the iPad (an iPad address) as long as both devices are on the same network within a few seconds you are downloading the files off the iPad onto a PC and that’s any PC with a web browser this is OS Agnostic.

AirDisk Pro features document viewer, PDF reader, music player, image viewer, voice recorder, text editor, file manager and support most of the file operations: like delete, move, copy, email, share, zip, unzip and more.


As i said at the start the iPad is a great photo viewer and i think it is also one of the best photo editors as well this is just one example of automating a photo work flow to edit and backup your photos using this simple lightweight high resolution device.


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