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Apple forget to add the Consumer WOW!!!


Just sat through nearly 2hrs of Apple showing off thier new product line, and it’s all a bit bland really isn’t it.. Those heady days of Jobs Flicking the bird to an IBM logo, and the company he helped found has become nothing more than advertising superlatives.

So Apple have just announced the worst kept secret in the industry the iPhone 4, and in doing so have caught up with the rest of the industry. Thin, Light, Battery life and a 4″ Screen so an extra line of icons on the phone. Tim Cook actually saying..

“Anyone can make a bigger phone.”

Well yes Tim, Samsung Can, and they are out selling the iPhone with it worldwide i believe.. The facts are starting to speak for themselves Apple are now playing catchup in this industry and With Microsoft getting in on the act in a few weeks time the Playing field might become a little more crowded..

IOS 6 on the Device with yes a very nice looking Maps app, however its only nice if you live in one of the supported cities, you’d better believe Google will out perform that..

Then we have the Music Range.. Really no 4G on the iPod Touch? the industry is crying out for this even Nikon realises the potential of a decent camera with Android on it and Mobile Networking enabled, let alone Samsung announcing a similar device based on their Galaxy Range. Apple have missed a huge beat here LTE networks are popping up all over the place and it’s a first come first server market..

And then we have iTunes I don’t believe there is an Industry pundit alive who would suggest that iTunes is in any way shape or form a decent app. Its in its position in the market place because of the ecosystem it supports and it needs a ground up rewrite. Instead we get a facelift.. Great.

Apple are so far off the mark  they are playing catchup what you have to realise is this is a yearly event so what you see is what you get for the next 12 months.. Now consider what Android has achieved in the last 12 Months with the Tablets and the hardware and especially market share.

What should apple be doing? Well take a look at the Nex Product range and go figure that with IOS embedded

Yawn, Cheers Apple..

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