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Do we care about the iPhone 5?

During the hours before the “announcement” of the iPhone 5, or will that be “The New iPhone” i’m pondering a simple question. Do we care any more? Maybe its because i live and breath tech I ask this question, maybe if I wasn’t interested in the tech, and just interested in the device I might be more interested?

the Last major phone announcement from Apple was a rather dour affair because as we now know most of the people up on the stage probably already knew what the rest of the world would a few hours later. Steve Jobs was in the last hours of his life. The phone which was released was as much a testimonial to Steve Jobs and Apple as anything could be. Very little had physically changed, no new OS at the time, a bump in processor specs and it sold well.

This pretty much summed up Apple around the time of Job’s departure, small progressie enhancements with little need for major change. Consumers lap it up, love the presentations, enjoy the demo’s and buy the products.

The last 12 months specifically however the market which Apple didn’t invent just got right has changed a huge deal from the one the iPhone entered into. Those early days there was little competition and the smart phone was a tech device. Most consumers were happy with a Nokia which could take photos and send emails. Tiny colour screens ment that very few of us were that interested in surfing the web on our phone and those of us who knew how had to deal with some pretty poor WAP sites.

Times however have changed and the competition has quietly been identifying the sweet spot, that device size which is just like Goldilocks finding the bed, not to big, not too small, just right. This seems to be 4″, 7″ and 9″ and Samsung, Motorola, Nokia even Panasonic going after those market segments its biting into iPhone sales. Android is getting there being a much stronger phone OS than it was 12 months ago and Windows Phone 8 will be (when finished) a strong contender in its own right.

Today more than ever, if Apple wants to maintain its dominance in the smartphone industry it needs to release something which makes the world go WOW. A processor upgrade and a case which looks the same won’t do it this time. A sharper camera again, not interested, Retina+ Display who cares.. these are just polish. Apple needs to make the consumer world fall in love with the iPhone again, needs to give the average guy a reason other than brand alone to walk into a Mobile phone store and look at the tiny 3″ screen fantastic display or not, and not wonder why that android with the same monthly cost and the bigger screen, slightly lighter, with a better data contract isn’t what they want…

So what does Apple need to do? Well firstly i’d suggest a bigger screen around the 4.5″ mark, better battery life.. then ditch the black or white iPhone and go Macbook Pro Brushed metal away from the Samsung/Every other phone vendor apart from Nokia 920 look.. this phone has to stand out on a row of other things and if every other manufacturer is going to copy your look, change your look. Then they all look the same and the iPhone is the one which stands out in the shop..

The OS, IOS6 needs to also be rocking some impressive new features, we do know that Maps has the potential of being breathtaking, however IOS does need something more. It’s interface potentially needs to be slightly more customisable to allow more of the user to shine though..

What this all boils down to however is Apple being able to take back the Smartphone market, they have a history of innovation which changes the industry and then like kids a week after xmas seeming to loose interest and start playing with something else. OSX is a prime example. Came out years before Windows and was a better system and OS, yet Microsoft took ownership of the desktop. There is potential Apple could loose over the next 12 months to Android or WP8.. It won’t happen overnight, it will happen slowly and the writing is already on the wall…


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