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This is where mobile technology is headed, it’s great..

We know the mobile phone is where it is at, we also know the cloud is the glue which binds all our devices, what if this didn’t have to be the case? The cloud is great when you are tethered to your Wifi or a mobile signal, great if you work in a big city with lots of Wifi hotspots or mobile coverage. Not so good when the office blocks access to it because of security risks, or you live in a 3G blackspot.

So why not reinvent just how you’re data is moved between devices by using your mobile not the cloud?For this to make sense i’d suggest you watch this vide first it does a good job of explaining how having a single device which is your portable data hub works.

So the basic idea is this, sure you need a laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile, however why not just use the advanced processing power on your mobile to do the computing for each of these. For most of us a few apps, a web browser and a decent mobile connection are all we need while on the go.

What Nex have also done is combine the Android for Ubuntu project really well and provide a full featured low CPU/Memory intensive industry standard desktop for the laptop or desktop docks.

And what a dock, especially on the Display and Laptop versions.. very Apple in the style department, without all the skeuomorphic desktop apps.

This for me is where technology is heading, a central hub of data you carry with you, connecting to the devices youw want to use, adapting to the form factor as necessary. With all my settings and data how i like them on each device.

And for enterprise, an encrypted Android phone, with good MDM software on the back end cheaper Monitor and Laptop dock saves costs, the sales guy doesn’t need to carry as much with them, and can truly hot desk.

I would even go as far as saying if Apple were as innovative as they think they are, then they could be doing this within 12 months..

Hurry up, lets get there already..

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