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IOS6 on iPad 3 – First Impressions

So IOS6 is out, and it’s generating as with all Apple News Terabytes of information, caught between the world of the Jailbroken iPad and the lust for new features I actually tried updating May iPad while on Holiday in Malta. No issues, downloaded after a few hours caught between terrible wifi and a few hundred million users all wanting to do the update at the same time.

I read a great post on this where the guy pretty much suggested that when Apple releases an IOS update, you may as well stop the internet for the day, i’ve never seen the actual stats but i’m going to put it out there that there is a huge amount of data being shifted to Apples mobile platforms.

My attempts at Over the Air downloads failed abysmally twice and i get the feeling this is because my iPad was jail broken. Nothing a download of the IPSW file couldn’t sort out which effectively resets the iPad to new fresh squeaky clean install. Never a bad thing.

The Install

The install is much the same as any other IOS device on a new unit, the notible changes were in IOS5 i was offered a choice of iTunes and iCloud accounts which could be different. Not as far as i could see on IOS6. Also a new addition for us iPad users. Do you want to enable Siri? Well of course.

Once installed, i tethered up to itunes and restored the backup i’d made after a previous failed install attempt. Hoping to get Apps and Data  back.

I was lead to believe that the previous attempt at downloading the software via itunes had backed up my Apps and data, evidently not, data yes, apps well not so much. Interestingly however while it didn’t dave the apps, when i reinstalled them (more on that later) they appeared back in the same folder structure I had created.

Other than that, i’m pretty sure if i had not jailbroken my device i’d have had a less torrid time. As it happens at least 1 of the 2 reasons for Jailbreaking the device was to make turning 3G/Mobile Data on/off easier. Seems Apple may have addressed this.

So what’s changed? Well as i’m restoring Spotify Offline Music and uploading recent Holiday snaps to Adobe Revel i’ts hard to say however there have been some stand out immediate and obvious changes.

App Store

The first thing i noted was the overhaul of the App Store and two little tweaks which specifically make all the difference. On previous versions of the app store each time you installed an app, you were taken out of the App Store and had to reopen the App Store App to add a new item. Well in IOS6, that is no more, pressing the install button keeps you in the App Store App and therefore when you had to reinstall a load of Apps as I just have had to makes it all the better for not popping in and out of the Store App 100 times..

The other little thing was the add of a new badge for apps you have just installed, there is a little sideways banner on new apps letting you know they have just been installed.

The revamped look and feel of the App store is nice and takes its grounding from iTunes with a coverflow interface.


Well the new maps has generated enough text written all on its own, its pretty safe to say its early days for this change, and while yes Google has the edge right now. If i remember back the original iPhone wasn’t much cop with no Apps and limited functionality and that blossomed..

Sure Google will bring out a Maps App, but i’m willing to bet you right now that the Apple Maps app will do just fine over a few iterations. And chastising Apple for releasing something a bit earlier when thats Google’s business model seems a bit of a cheek.

The quick check I have run over it it finds where I live and i’ve got an App which adds Street View fo 69p

Time will tell on this one.

Turn on 3G/Wifi etc

This is a nice feature with the 3g enabled iPad is as well as Bluetooth, Wifi you can enable/disable the Mobile data without the need to drill down into a load of sub menus. While this feature should be in the Notifications Window. However this is a nice addition for those of us who turn off 3G to conserve battery and limit the Mobile suppliers from hijacking the mobile stream while you are wifi.


Not had a major play with this yet however when i asked Siri what is my name and where am I it obliged as necessary.


There are a huge number of other features which i’ll cover over the next few days. the issues with Maps shouldn’t overshadow the rest of the work Apple have done.


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