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An open question

Having been away for over a week, I’ve just caught up on the (let’s use the CNN phrase) tensions in the Middle East over a video put on YouTube. The YouTube video shows one persons interpretation of Mohammed messenger of God. This video has sparked many Muslims in many nations into violent protest.

So my question is a simple one..

When acts of terrorism under the Muslim name have been made such as 9/11 and 7/7 the world is asked by Muslim community leaders to not tar all with the same brush. It is explained that not all Muslims are terrorists and these are the acts of extremists. I’m inclined to go with this train of thought as I was taught as a kid “there are good and bad in every kind”.

So why is it when a video like this is released, a cartoon appears in a publication the same religion who asks for understanding because it feels it is being persecuted in the previous instance is quite happy it would seem to blame every American, American Leaders and the whole of America for creating this video.

Now I’m not completely stupid, I don’t just watch the BBC or CNN and think to myself “this is the actual way this is happening” however reading several publications and seeing how the world is bending over backwards to appease the situation made me wonder..

Just how many of the people in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan have seen this video on YouTube? And how many are reacting to what they have been told about it.

I ask the question because that happens in the UK. A tabloid paper publishes a provocative headline and a first paragraph sound bite and everyone thinks they know what has happened and moans about it.. However thankfully Daily Mail readers don’t call for flags of Islamic nations to burn and setup anti Islam tea parties.

As a point of reference Jimmy Kimmles first look at the IPhone 5 has more hits than this video

The US is a country where freedom of speech and expression is tolerated, they as much of the western world does, have many different levels of humour, expression, extremism and comment. You are allowed an opinion and people have died fighting for the right to that freedom of speech. Indeed it’s because of this that many western nations have such a wide range of religious groups not found in the Middle East.. While it causes tension the ability to have an opinion, have it heard and discuss it and disagree in a peaceful manner is important..

It could be easy to argue the news pictures are a small proportion of Muslims, and again, I would agree with that however that’s still a lot of people willing to take miseducated views and inflict the misquoted words of the Koran onto other cultures causing people who didn’t make or watch the video pain.

So next time a bomb goes off, a plane is shot down or people are killed in the name of Islam, before asking for tolerance towards Muslims, who are not all terrorists think about just how much tolerance the Muslim world is currently being portrayed to giving the non islamic world. Why should the rest of the world offer something which it seems apparent cant be offered back?

Next time a video which incorrectly promotes propaganda for and race, creed or nation we should all just ignore it for what it is.. Poor


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